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Underground Mining


Design and construction of tunnels and caverns are some of the most challenging activities in the field of rock engineering. Our engineers and geoscientists are experienced designers, seasoned constructors and qualified people in underground structures both for civil or infrastructure purposes or mining. Thus we are well placed to provide services in tunnel engineering from preliminary drafts to completion of large and complex excavations in rock and soils.

We work well with owners, other designers, and contractors to provide integrated, timely, and cost-effective solutions under various project delivery approaches. We are not only tunnel specialists, but experienced project managers and solid contributors to project and construction teams. Our services include:


Field and Desk Works

- Geological and geotechnical services including mapping, geophysics, drilling

- Geotechnical and design evaluations for underground projects and cut & cover constructions

- Feasibility studies, evaluation of alternatives

- Geomechanical calculations, detailed design, drawings, specifications and preparation of bidding and contracting documents for subways.

- Railway tunnels, hydraulic tunnels, shafts, and geotechnical instrumentation

- Risk factors analysts in design and construction

- Inspection and rehabilitation designs for existing tunnels

- Emergency response problem analysis and remedial action plan/design

- Equipment selection and specification

- Production and productivity estimates

- Capital and Operating Cost estimates

- Claims review and cost analysis, expert witness work


Design and Construction

- Construction management

- Construction supervision

- Technical training to supervision and operation personnel

- Preliminary and final design

- Construction method development

- Blasting pattern design

- Sitting and feasibility studies, including geotechnical exploration and lab testing programs

- Ground support for tunnels and shafts

- NATM/TBM/RBM design

- Precast concrete segmental lining

- Steel and concrete lining

- Grouting and ground improvement design

- Numerical and 3D modeling

- Evaluation of existing geotechnical and groundwater conditions

- Preparation of rehabilitation design alternatives

- Development of re-entry safety and ventilation procedures

- Tunnel ventilation

- Mine ventilation


Risk Management

- Qualitative risk analysis

- Mitigation measure tracking and verification

- Probabilistic quantitative analyses of cost and schedule impacts

- Budget and schedule contingency analysis


Constructability and Cost

- Evaluation of designs for constructability

- Estimates at all project development stages based on contractor experience

- Bid or check estimates for contractors