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Between the services in our portfolio que have cement plants.

Differently of other kind of mineral industry the production of cement require a very efficient combination of raw materials supply (limestone, iron ore, blast furnace slag, clay and others), supply of energy fuels (coke, oil, rubber from waste tires and other alternate fuels) associated to a very demanding logistics to follows through the Raw Material Process stage then Burning Process and finally the production of cement in the Finishing Process stage.  All the operations working under a very specialized supervisory and process control system that must to optimize the system from the feeding of raw material to the dispatch of the cement in all the qualities required by the market. PEK´s experience have been with dry and wet cement processes.

Services offered for the cement industry include studies, consultancya dn egineering for:


Raw materials stage

- Logistics for raw material supply

- Logistics for fuels supply

- Crushing and grinding

- Homogenization of raw material

- Storage

- Electrostatic separation


Burning stage

- Calcine

- Sintering

- Rotary kiln fueling and operation

- Clinker production

- Cooling

- Steam production and power generation (turbine)


Finishing stage

- Clinker storage

- Clinker pre-grinding and addition of additives

- Cement grinding (finishing)

- Product separation

- Dust collection systems

- Portland cement storage

- Truck loading  and dispatch

- Bags packing, storage and ulk delivery 


Power conservation and efficiency

- Conventional and alternate fuels use

- Process efficiency

- Power conservation diagnose and optimization