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Mine Ventilation


The experience of the owners of PEK in mine ventilation come from the 70s applied to underground copper mines  in southern Brazil that used fully mechanised shrinkage stoping and sublevel stoping methods. Mine infrastructure included design and construction of production shaft, design and installation of fully automated Koepe production hoist, raise bored ventilation and exhaust shafts, raises and other mine opening. Others projects in the portfolio of the company comprise mine design, construction and operation of room & pillar coal mine in the Parana state, fully design of  room & pillar and shortwall coal mine in the Santa Catarina state,  the design of the ventilation systems of the Serra Pelada gold mine and design of the underground portion of the Chapada da Natividade gold mine in the Tocantins state in Brazil. Conceptual design of the uranium underground mine of the Berlin project in Colombia is also in our portfolio. All the ventilation projects developed by PEK should include 3D modeling and calculations based in the most accepted software.

Our services include:


- Mine ventilation studies

- Diesel exhaust gas dispersion modeling, temperature monitoring and control, dust concentration and control systems  

- Inspection and auditing of ventilation systems

- Specification of underground diesel powered equipment and ventilation & exhaustion systems

- Studies of gases from underground blasting in development and production stopes   

- Design of primary and secondary ventilation and exhaustion systems for underground metal mines

- Design of primary and secondary ventilation and exhaustion systems for coal mines

- Feasibility studies, evaluation of alternatives

- Capital and Operating Cost estimates