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Our experienced staff of experts is available to work with our Clients to customize the required solution. PEK is qualified to provide the following scope.:


Reliability Engineering

- Risk-Based Asset Management

- Asset Criticality Development

- Equipment Maintenance Plans and staff Job Description

- Factory and Site Acceptance Testing

- Functional Specification Development

- Hierarchy Development

- Loss Elimination


Preventive Maintenance Optimization

- Root Cause Failure Analysis

- Reliability Audit and Assessment

- Reliability-Centered Maintenance Study


Advanced Predictive Maintenance

- Predictive Maintenance Program Design

- Predictive Maintenance Program Assessment

- Predictive Maintenance Program Management

- Predictive Maintenance Analysis


Facility Condition Assessment


Critical Asset Performance Analysis

- Dependability management according to IEC 60300-3-1:2003

- Maintainability and supportability according to IEC 60300-3-10:2001

- Dependability management – Integrated logistics support according to IEC 60300-3-12:2011

- Dependability management – Maintenance and maintenance support according to IEC 60300-3-14:2004

- Obsolescence management – According to IEC 62402:2019

- Spares part provisioning - According to IEC 62550:2017

- Risk management – According to IEC 31010:2019

- Managing risk in projects – According to IEC 62198:2013