Serving the industry since 1992                                                                

Fabrication on demand


We develop design and produce custom parts, components and mechanical elements to replace imported items for the mining, marine, and oil & gas industries.

The company uses cutting-edge computer equipment for the design of metal parts with use of structural finite elements analysis and modeling (FEM) and testing of materials (metal alloys, metallography, mechanical properties and other characteristics) with use of external certified laboratories for testing in accordance with ISO, DIN, API, ABNT and other applicable standards.




The company has a long list of qualified suppliers of certified raw material, metallurgical enterprises and industrial workshops for welding, machining, manufacturing and painting. An extensive network of domestic and international logistics for order fulfillment and custom processes are part of the structure offered by PEK.


Some of our products: Flanges, flange joints, spools, skids, atmospheric tanks, pressurised tanks, vessels, storage tanks, special joints, machined parts, forgings, boiler making elements (folded and welded plates), plates and structural for industrial plants, heat exchangers, HAVC systems.