Serving the industry since 1992                                                                



Our expertise include railway engineering which have been applied to some thousand of kilometers of railway inspection, railway design design for iron ore transport from the Minas Gerais state to Salvador port, from Juazeiro to Salvador port and other railways crossing the country in the northern Brazilian states. Our services for railway enginnering  include:



- Earthwork & Ballast

- Rail design and specification 

- Track

- Ties



- Timber structures  

- Concrete structures & foundations 

- Structures, maintenance and construction  

- Steel structures 



- Buildings, workshops and support facilities 

- Loading / Unloading stations  

- Rail Transit 

- Yards and terminals 

- Maintenance-of-way work equipment 

- Electrification and power utilization


Systems Management

- Track measuring systems

- Environmental

- Economics of railway system and operations