The Company


PEK is a Brazilian corporation. Since its foundation PEK had served the South American and Brazilian markets in different areas as infrastructure, mining & metals, oil & gas, assets management and technology development. Some assigments have been undertaken in North America and Africa.

Our track record include some hundreds of consulting and engineering assignments across the infrastructure, mining and mineral industries – each service or project tailored to the specific needs of each client.
Our workforce is distributed in several locations in Brazil and overseas all connected in the same network and working according to the mode of operation, philosophy and requirements of PEK in each assignment.

All our professionals are available for assignments at any time no matter where the service is required.

PEK is always ready to assist its Clients everywhere.

This mode of operation is aligned with the changes and transitions not only within the extractive industries, but also in step with the dynamics of global business practices.
We perform projects from the very initial stage (conceptual or FEL1) to the detailed engineering level (FEL3) according to our clients’ needs.

PEK provides its services and proactive solutions on a timely basis in any stage of the project.