PEK has been involved actively with research and studies related to the geology of Mars, Moon and Asteroids as well as investigation about possible mining methods and metallurgy in Mars, specially iron ore and aluminum based on use of nuclear energy.


The company and its owners are active researchers in technologies to explore mineral resources in outer space with use of cutting edge technologies. We have unique insight and expertise to explain and explore the potential offered by mining out of the Earth in the mid-term.


A 2009 research paper written by Michael D. West of the Mars Institute and Jonathan D.A. Clarke of the Australian Centre for Astrobiology contended that although the differences between the atmosphere and crusts of the Earth and Mars make mineral exploration less predictable, there are areas, especially large igneous provinces, volcanoes and impact craters that hold significant potential for nickel, copper, iron, titanium, platinum group elements and more. Despite the large variations in topography, much localized Martian geology is flat-lying; therefore the probability of finding an ore deposit that intersects the surface will be low,” West and Clarke wrote in the study. “Crater walls, central uplifts and the edges of canyons are therefore the prime sites for mineral exploration because they expose the stratigraphy and potential mineralized zones."



We provides comprehensive services as:



            - Assessment on comparative geology and mineral potential between the Earth and Mars  

- Preparation of speculative potential resources available in Mars

- Assessment about the geology and mineral potential of the Moon

- Site selection studies for initial exploration works in Mars

- Assessment about comparative mining methods and extractive metallurgy in Mars

- Assessment about applied engineering to explore mineral resources in Mars and the Moon using planetary Physics

- Assessment about the identified asteroids with potential for exploitation of identified resources

- Speculative scope for exploration  and recovery of minerals resources in the outer space.