Services for the industry


ISO1200 and NR-12


Since 1992 offering services in the sector of machinery fabrication, we are a trusted supplier of Services in the field of industrial machine safety. We provide workable solutions for the most complex security issues in all industrial areas. With our team of committed personnel we help companies in Brazil and South America to apply suitable manufacturing procedures that optimize the availability and productivity of the facilities.

We are experts in the interpretation and application of the EN ISO 12100 standards and the Brazilians norms NR-12 and NR-10.


Contents of EN ISO 12100

Risks that must be taken into account:

Mechanical hazards

Electrical hazards

Thermal hazards

Noise hazard

Dangers derived from vibrations

Radiation hazards

Hazards derived from materials and substances

Vulnerability arising from the omission of ergonomic principles in the design of machines


Services offered

- Assessment on engineering design for industrial plants according to the local and international standards and engineering practices

- Risk evaluation

- Induction to the safety concepts applied to machinery and plant design

- Safety in design of machinery, equipment and industrial systems

- Systems integration

- Validation of machinery and equipment design

- Evaluation of compliance to international standards

- Analysis of safety in the industrial plant

- Inspection of protection systems

- Lockout/tagout (LOTO) practices and procedures to safeguard workers from hazardous energy releases